Faculty of Theology

Name Åsa Virdi Kroik
Email kroik@bahnhof.se
Department History of Religions
Position PhD student
Faculty Theology
Short bio I am studying, using and developing Indigenous research methodology Interntionally and in its South Saami version. This is a Post-colonial research tradition developed mainly about, for and by Indigenous peoples. It is developed from the Indigenous peoples critics of earlier researchers way of treating them as passive objects and traditional research as a tool for colonization. It is named differently from place to place as the research tradition has developed indipendently of each other but has similar politically, ethical and epistemological components.
Key words epistemology
Country focus India, South Asia (regional), All over South asia.
Name Schalk, Peter
Email peter.e.schalk@gmail.com
Department History of Religions
Position professor, emeritus
Faculty Theology
Short bio 1. Concepts of martyrdom in South Asian movements, especcially the LTTE.
2. Political Buddhism in Sri Lanka
Key words LTTE, Buddhism
Country focus Sri Lanka