Information and resources for Researchers and PhD candidates at Uppsala University

The core goal of the Forum for South Asia Studies is to support and facilitate research on South Asia within the Humanities and Social Sciences at Uppsala University. To that end the Forum’s board has defined two strategic focuses that guide the Forum’s work in the period from September 2014 to August 2017:

  1. The Forum will build and strengthen the internal network of scholars in the Humanities and Social Sciences at Uppsala University doing research about South Asia through its core activities.
  2. The Forum will support researchers at Uppsala University to increase the visibility of their research on South Asia to the wider national and international scholarly community as well as the general public.

The involvement and participation of students is encouraged in all FSAS activities.

Core Activities

FSAS will arrange at least one workshop per year to create opportunities for Uppsala University scholars to discuss and strengthen cooperation and exchange across faculties. The Forum announces the workshops and invites a keynote speaker. The board welcomes suggestions of themes and speakers.

International Guest Lecturers and Researchers

FSAS may also support the funding of international guest lecturers and researchers. The ultimate goal of this funding is to strengthen the work of scholars inside Uppsala University. This implies that each of these events has a strong component on network building or concrete research between the guest and Uppsala University scholar(s).

Guests should be encouraged to act as discussants during research seminars. Invitations that focus on the development of joint project applications are a merit in the selection process. Applicants should actively search for cooperation with other Forums or Departments and avoid double invitations (inviting the same person on different occasions through different funding). Generally FSAS grants up to 6.000 SEK per guest to cover travel and accommodation. Co-funding through other institutions is encouraged.

Small workshops

FSAS provides funding for researchers at Uppsala University to conduct smaller workshops to support research or develop research strategies on South Asia.

Planning workshops

FSAS will award smaller planning grants to scholars at Uppsala University to encourage and support interdepartmental collaboration and funding applications.

Services to UU scholars

Research Seminars and Virtual Research Seminars

FSAS will organize thematic research seminars on demand especially for younger scholars to receive quality feedback on their papers. FSAS has a wide-ranging network within Uppsala University and beyond and can organize virtual research seminars, to engage this wider network of expertise from within Sweden and around the world to generate best possible feedback on Uppsala scholars’ research.


FSAS promotes the research by scholars at Uppsala University on request and also proactively. We support researchers with press releases, social media and blog posts as well as book launches, to showcase Uppsala’s scholarly activity, publications, fieldwork and commentary to a wider national and international audience.

Funding possibilities: Types, Conditions and Procedures

The Forum for South Asia Studies may award grants only to scholars that are engaged in research on South Asia and are employed at one of the Forum’s six funding faculties.

Eligible scholars can apply throughout the year for funding for short-term guest speaker grants, small workshop grants, research seminars, and planning grants. The board of FSAS will review and decide on received applications in the respectively next board meeting. Decisions are guided by the strategic focuses as outlined above. Applications must clearly state the cross-disciplinary value of the planned event.

Administration of funding and responsibilities

  • Funding for awarded grants is administered by the Forum. Successful applicants will be contacted by the coordinator regarding the administrative procedures.
  • FSAS will promote funded events (if applicable).
  • All information about the events must clearly state FSAS as the sponsor (or as one of them).
  • Awarded grants are disposable during one year after the assignment. It is not possible to use the grant for events other than that applied for.
  • A report on the event’s outcome (number of participants, academic contacts and collaborations established etc.) must be provided no later than two months after the event.