FSAS Conference 2015: Paths to the future for India and Pakistan

Programme for Monday, 4 May 2015

The programme as pdf | Workshops as pdf

Time                       Activity                             Venue

08:30 – 09:00         Registration & Coffee,         Brusewitzsalen, G:a Torget 6

09:15 – 10:15        Welcome!                         Brusewitzsalen, G:a Torget 6 

                              Key Note Speaker 1: 

                              Ian Talbot (University of Southampton)

10:30 – 11:30       Key Note Speaker 2:        Brusewitzsalen, G:a Torget 6

                              Mahvish Shami (London School of Economics)

11:30 – 13:00         LUNCH                 

13:00 – 15:00       Workshops (see details below)

                             Workshop 1: Environmental Issues in South Asian and Global Context

                             Workshop 2: Linguistics & Theology

                             Workshop 3: Politics & Development

15:00 – 15:30        Coffee Break

15:30 -16:30        Key Note Speaker 3:         Brusewitzsalen, G:a Torget 6

                             Christophe Jaffrelot (SciencesPo)

16:30 – 17.15       Final discussion                Brusewitzsalen, G:a Torget 6

17:15 – 18.00        Informal discussions & aperitifs

18:30                    Dinner

Interdisciplinary Workshops on South Asia

Workshop 1:

Environmental Issues in South Asian and Global Context

Room: Sammanträdesrummet, G:a Torget 6

Chair: Margaret Hunt - Uppsala University, Department of History

  • Marcus Wangel - Uppsala University, Department of Government: "Green Expectations: Polycentric Ideals, Institutional Change and Forest Governance in South India"
  • Arun Bandhopadhyay - University of Calcutta, Department of History: "The Forest Question in India in light of Environmental History: Some Global and Local Issues"
  • Seema Arora-Jonsson - Uppsala University: “Policy Discourses and Marginal Places: Environmental Democracy in India and Sweden”
  • Nani Gopal Mandal - Uppsala University, Department of Government: "Politics of Development: The Paradigm Governing Dams Decision Making in Sikkim, India."
  • Rune-Christoffer Dragsdahl - University of Copenhagen, Centre of Global South Asian Studies: "Indian pulses in Africa"

Workshop 2:

Linguistics & Theology

Room: Schefferus, G:a Torget 6

Chair: Heinz-Werner Wessler – Uppsala university, Department of Linguistics and Philology

  • Yaqoob Khan Bangash - IT University, Lahore, Pakistan: "God or Allah? Religion, the State and the Constitution, 1947-56"
  • Aiysha Varraich - University of Gothenburg, Political Science: "Power in the Hands of Saints"
  • Anton Zykov – Uppsala University, Department of Linguistics and Philology: "Contemporary Zoroastrianism in Iran and India: Change in Rituals and Vernacular Lexicons" 
  • Carola Erika Lorea - La Sapienza University of Rome - Italian Institute of Oriental Studies: "Metaphors and orthodoxy: metaphorical language as a key to institutionalisation and hinduisation of new religious cults in South Asia"
  • Paolo Eugenio Rosati - Sapienza' University of Rome - Italian Intitute of Oriental Studies: "The Yoni Cult at Kamakhya: Its Cross-Cultural Roots"

Workshop 3:

Politics & Development Workshop

Room: Datorsalen​

Chair: Sten Widmalm - Uppsala University, Department of Government

  • Pragya Rai - Stockholm University, Department of Political Science: "Political Representation and Empowerment: Women in Local Government Institutions in Bihar, India"
  • Slavena Ivanova - University of Reading, UK, Graduate Institute of Political and International Studies: “How did a common British colonial legacy lead to apparently contrasting patterns of political development - democracy in India and military authoritarianism in Pakistan?"
  • Muhammad Farooq Sulehria - School of Oriental and African Studies, London. Department of Development Studies: Globalization and Corruption - The Case of Indian Television System"
  • Bani Gill - Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, Copenhagen University: "South-South mobilities: An Ethnographic Exploration of African migrants and asylum seekers in contemporary Delhi, India"
  • Gayatri Rathore - SciencesPo, Paris: "Politics and casteism in municipal recruitment: the case of bhisti recruitment as sanitary workers in Jaipur Municipal Corporation"
  • Priyanka Chakravarty - University of Oslo, Department of Political Science: "Examining the substance and form of rights in Right to Public Services Legislations in India "